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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

This lighthouse at Cape Hatteras is beautiful and was hard to get to as several roads were washed away from the recent hurricane. This was a very hurried shot for several reasons. I got to the lighthouse very late in the day, about 40 minutes before it closed which left me little time to think about how to photograph it. I thought it would be best to go up in the lighthouse first to see the inside and the view from the top. It was 278 stairs and it felt like it on this humid day. And yikes - I found out I was not particularly fond of heights and wind and the little ring walkways around the lighthouse high in the sky.

After I made it back down, I went to photograph the outside. Did I mention the mosquitos? It is going to be hard to put this into words - lets just say there were a lot of them and they were huge, tenacious and like no misquotes I have ever experienced. I was prepared however, at least I thought I was as I had coated myself generously with repellant before I started this journey.

After walking across this wet grass I found myself in a mosquito feeding frenzy and I was the food. They were buzzing around my head, ears, up my nose and shorts in numbers I would estimate at 500 - 1000. I hurridly placed my tripod and mounted my camera on the tripod head. It was just about then I started to feel my back starting to sting. Oh, by the way, did you know mosquitos can sting you through your shirt? I took 2 images and ran for the car. My friend counted over 43 bites on my shoulders and back - and I have a good story to tell now.